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give river

the game of
good deeds

for free, for teams
to reward causes that count

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a rewarding habit of generosity
through a game of good deeds

A simple, fun, daily generosity journal and inspirational, educational "river runs" to encourage, entertain, and bring you joy - while also making an impact for the people and causes you care about. 

you give...

There's a lot of 'self-help' resources out there, but self-affirmation alone doesn't bring enduring happiness.  The secret to fulfilling joy comes from learning your preferred give language and daily practice.

you grow...

Research is now crystal clear: Your brain is purpose built to give. Generosity and kindness stimulates your prefrontal cortex and spills joyful juices all over the place.

you matter

Your effort on give river contributes dollars to causes you care about through generous sponsors and a novel game of good deeds.

A rewarding experience that makes a difference in your life and for the people and causes that matter to you. 

Simple and Impactful

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Simple good deeds direct dollars to causes you choose.

Good Deeds Earn Dollars

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See and share kindness in a positive, uplifting community with real-world impact.

For Causes
That Count

Game On

Share drops to recognize teammates, celebrate wins, foster a culture of  kindness, and more, through dynamic, gamified experiences.

3. Add Your Drop

Easy access from our website or mobile app.  Begin by choosing any cause and charity that matters to you.

1. Choose your Cause

2. Choose your Club

Find your teammates and join your personalized club hub.

1, 2, 3: Game on

Build a daily habit of kindness and generosity to
earn cash for causes that matter most.

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