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give river

a game of good deeds

with friends, for rewards
for causes you care about.


good deeds
earn dollars

See and share kindness in a positive, uplifting community where your good deeds have impact.

for causes
that matter

Earn rewards for your causes.
You choose, your choice matters.


Change your world for the better

Build a positive mindset and grow what matters to you.

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Enjoy a journey into generosity

A novel experience to bring you joy and change your world.

personalized guide

Enjoy a guided adventure to encourage, challenge and inspire you.

see and share kindness

Support friends and your community, in a fun, uplifting experience.

your choices matter

Simple acts of kindness send dollars to support causes that matter.

generosity journal

Build a positive mindset through daily reflections and track your personal growth.

impact your causes

Spark a personal generosity revolution.  Grow what matters to you with real impact.

change your world

Fun, good deed challenges with friends to earn dollars for causes you care about.

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