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River Runs: Wellness and Professional Development Courses

Enhance personal and professional growth and learning with “River Runs”, exclusive and custom content to support your team’s health, happiness, and performance.

Integrated, Inspirational and Educational Growth Content

Future-proof your organization

In a poll of 3,600+ global executives, 72% of respondents identified “the ability of their people to adapt, re-skill, and assume new roles” as the top-ranked item to navigate future disruptions*.


More Likely to Hit Financial Targets


More Innovative


More Likely to Effectively Manage Change

Empower growth with River Runs

Create an environment of continuous learning and growth to reap the rewards of a motivated, engaged team.

Fast, Effective Micro-Learning

Bite-sized, on-demand growth and learning content and activities that fit busy schedules, integrating seamlessly into daily tasks without disrupting workflow.


Shift mindsets towards growth and learning with achievements and rewards in a gamified, engaging approach.

Drip-Fed Delivery

Similar to a serial podcast, concise, time-delayed learning and growth experiences keep users engaged and improves knowledge retention.

Budget Friendly

Usage-based pricing offered at a nominal cost helps you maximize the ROI of our solution.

Applicable across Generations

Our content, features, and platform are designed with a broad target audience in mind.

Measurable Impact

Our analytics and tools provide clear metrics to assess participation and feedback.

How We Do It

River Runs: Growth and Learning Management System

Our signature Learning Management System, "River Runs" harness a research-backed approach to deliver fast, effective growth and development.

River Guides: Expert Guidance to Ensure your Success

Our signature Learning Management System, "River Runs" harness a research-backed approach to deliver fast, effective growth and development.

Make learning and growth a cornerstone of your team to increase productivity and passion for your mission.

Ever-Expanding Content Library

Personal Growth and Wellness

Enhance well-being and personal growth to become more fulfilled, committed, and reliable team member.

Professional Development + Performance

Sharpen leadership, management, and performance skills.

Cause and Community Centric

Courses designed to build bonds between people, within communities, and around causes that count

Tailored growth and learning

Select from a growing range of pre-built courses, develop your own courses (e.g. mandatory compliance, training), or work with our team to create the course you need.

Track Progress Seamlessly

Gain insights into team completion rates through your dedicated dashboard.

Reward Engagement

Motivate your team with dynamic rewards for completing river runs.

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