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Team-Driven Charitable Engagement

Maximize your community and charitable impact by connecting your team and customers to meaningful, brand expanding experiences.

Why it matters

What makes companies a great place to work?  If you care about your culture, customers, and community, you will love our integrated approach to transformational, team-driven community and charitable impact.

Create Purpose-Driven Performance

Community and charitable impact is infused throughout our platform to give your team a sense of deeper purpose and shared meaning.

Elevate Morale and Enthusiasm

Community and charitable enhances your team's experience and perception of your organization and shared passion for your mission.

Harness the “Give Glow” to Grow

Tap into the spirit of generosity to enrich your team’s synergy and outperform your competitors.

Enhance your Brand

Forge a positive brand identity by making meaningful contributions to causes that resonate with your team and customers.

Align for Strategic Impact

Align your charitable efforts with your company’s core values, showcasing your commitment to social responsibility.

Democratize corporate charitable giving

We transform your corporate social impact and charitable giving efforts into an engaging, participatory pursuit. Team members search and select charities and causes they care about to influence where your charitable spending goes.

Empower Your Team

A CSR Strategy to Build Phenomenal Culture and Make Real World Impact

Our innovative solution combines team building, employee recognition, and corporate social responsibility for maximum impact.  Give River takes care of all the logistics related to charitable donations, saving your time and resources so you can focus on your core business while also making a positive difference in your communities.

Develop a cohesive and vibrant team culture thats contributes to a better world.
Make corporate charitable impact easy by seamlessly integrating philanthropy into everyday work routines.
Foster a culture of appreciation and positivity within the team, while extending your company's social impact.
Track your collective contributions to see a clear view of your company's philanthropic footprint.

Community engagement and leadership

Position your organization as a socially and civically invested leader to deepen your relationship with your customers and your team through shared cause affinities and values. Align with key community groups and support vital causes to create a rich and rewarding narrative to fuel your growth.

Enhance Community Ties

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Streamlined CSR Platform

Simplify distribution to qualified charities, manage volunteering, donations, and monitor and clearly report on your social impact.

Measure Success

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