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  • Promote positive communication

  • Build camaraderie

  • Encourage gratitude

  • Cultivate a culture of appreciation

  • Bring team values to life

  • Increase employee morale

  • Drive higher engagement

  • Help remote teams connect

Build a winning, transformative team culture of kindness and generosity to become your very best and make meaningful impacts for the customers and communities you serve.

Core Plan Benefits​

Simple, powerful team-building, recognition and rewards, with engaging experiences that build bonds between people.  

Support healthy, engaged teams

Simple good deeds direct dollars to causes you choose. Connect with your community and add your drop.

Simplify recognition and rewards

Customers, constituents, and whoever your community is, you can utilize give river to engage and strengthen your impact and reach.

Connect with your Audience

Connect with your Audience

Connect with your Audience

See and share kindness in a positive, uplifting community with real-world impact.

Engaging games

for groups

Engaging games for groups

Engaging games for groups

An innovative opportunity for donors and doers to take action, meet the growing needs of our communities, and build a better world and future.

Advanced analytics

Reduce hours of administrative headache with tools to simplify and maximize your charitable impact, strengthen your brand, and and maximize and simplify the impact of your charitable donations through our platform tools and 501c3 partnerships. 

Fast and easy philanthropy

Growth Plan Benefits

Enhanced capabilities that support growing teams, coupled with tools to simplify and enhance charitable engagement and makes measurable impact in the communities you serve.

Enterprise Enhancements

Powerful optional enhancements tailored to your team's specific needs.

Simplified charitable donations will magnify  charitable impact 

Simple and robust tools to manage, allocate and track charitable contributions, providing a streamlined and transparent approach to charitable giving.Experience a streamlined, user-friendly interface and unified dashboard that handles records, reporting, and 501c3 charitable distribution.  

Boost brand visibility by aligning with causes your audience cares about.   Increase awareness of your social impact while supporting a transformative mental health and wellness movement.   Comprehensive community impact report, showcasing financial contributions, charity engagement, and the overall CSR footprint.

Volunteer management and reporting

Enhance efficiency and foster a strong sense of community while members find, create, and organize volunteer efforts.



Connect mission aligned social influencers with your team to amplify your team's efforts, increase visibility, attract audiences to your cause, and maximize impact.

Give River is based on extensive research supporting positive team dynamics. We build happier, more engaged teams that love what they do. Happier team members are more likely to stick with your team and participate in building your culture.

How much can you save on turnover?

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