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Integrate and Access Anywhere

Integrate seamlessly into the tools your team already uses to ensure that our robust platform becomes a natural part of your team's communication. 

Easy To Share:
Access Anywhere

Web, iOS, Android, Slack, or Microsoft Teams: Access Give River anytime, anywhere.

Seamless Integrations
Maximize Adoption

Eliminate the friction of sign in and user provisioning. Give River allows users to access the platform using a variety of sign-in services, removing the need for multiple login credentials and streamlining the recognition process. Furthermore, we integrate with your HRIS platform to ensure that all your team members, from full-time employees to contractors, are quickly included in the recognition program.

Happier, healthier, Higher performing teams in mere minutes a day

Happier, healthier, higher-performing teams in mere minutes a day. it’s SO easy to grow with Give River, you’ll think it’s magic.

It’s not magic, it’s the game of good deeds.

A few clicks to invite your team, act and tap in seconds, easy powerful administration, onboarding and tutorial videos.
Universal playing field: Simple & Accessible, one transformative platform, access anywhere
Live phone support and dedicated onboarding and implementation team to get you setup quickly, support team onboarding and engagement
Take just a few minutes per day to make a meaningful impact for your team and communicate that you care about your customer and your community
Features like push notifications, weekly recaps, and quick check-ins help to keep your team engaged.

Get Started

Not sure where to begin? Our employee recognition experts are here to assist you. Book a call today and take the first step towards improving your company culture.

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