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give river


Create happy, healthy, high-performing teams in a Gamified Growth Platform

Engage your team and Elevate Culture in our positivity-powered recognition and rewards platform

An engaging Team-Building Game which Strengthens Connections and Amplifies Community Impact

  • Create a happy, healthy, high performing team that people love in our research-backed team building platform

  • Support employee wellness and unity and bridge gaps across distance with an easy-to-use communication hub, community engagement features, and recognition rewards,

  • Develop a cohesive and vibrant team culture thats contributes to a better world.

Connect Your Distributed Workforce: Empower High-Performing Hybrid and Remote Teams

Unite your team within a dynamic hub designed to transcend the barriers of remote and hybrid work structures.

In today’s hybrid and remote work landscape, Give River is a beacon for engagement and sense of community. Our gamified platform champions recognition, collaboration, and community service, fostering team cohesion across any distance, ensuring every team member, whether in-office or remote, feels valued and connected.  Enable employees to express gratitude seamlessly, cultivate a positive work culture and strengthen team bonds.  Our integrated charity hub deepens this connection, transforming recognition into charitable contributions, uniting employees behind the causes that matter most. Give River is your secret weapon - the cornerstone of a culture of appreciation and generosity, ensuring a cohesive, engaged, and inclusive workforce.

  • Give River offers an innovative solution to the challenges of engagement and community in remote and hybrid teams. This gamified platform is crafted to foster recognition, collaboration, and community service—key elements for solidifying team cohesion.

  • With Give River, geographical distances dissolve, allowing team members to express gratitude and feel valued, irrespective of their location. This nurtures a positive work culture and fortifies team connections, crucial in today’s virtual workspaces.

  • The charity aspect of Give River infuses purpose into daily interactions. As recognitions translate into real-world aid for charities, employees rally around a common cause, elevating morale, enhancing the company’s image, and contributing to social good.

  • Give River acts as a conduit, linking remote and hybrid teams through a shared culture of appreciation and philanthropy. It ensures that every team member is seen, acknowledged, and integrated, fostering a harmonious, motivated, and united workforce regardless of the work setting.

Enhance Team Collaboration Across Generations

  • Unlock the full potential of your team members

  • Encourage dynamic and enjoyable team building to promote synergy and collaboration.

  • Foster fast, easy, and fun team bonding, synergy and collaboration

  • Introduce silo-busting micro-competitions to break down barriers and boost engagement.

  • An intuitive user experience suitable for all, yet engaging for tech-savvy users.

  • Create opportunities for team members of diverse backgrounds to connect and collaborate.

  • Facilitate deeper understanding among colleagues to foster meaningful relationships.

  • Implement interactive ice-breakers and establish virtual gathering spots for informal chats.

Provide Meaningful Rewards:

Simple acts of goodness translate into donations to charities of your choice, amplifying your team’s positive impact. As your team’s sponsor, you ignite a path of giving, enhancing the collective experience of altruism.

Reward Collaborative Effort:

Teams unite to perform good deeds, fostering a spirit of cooperation and shared purpose.

Universal Access:

Seamlessly integrated with Slack, MS Teams, web, and mobile for easy access and constant connectivity.

Drive Performance and Growth with team recognition and rewards, achievements, and milestones

Optimize Intrinsic Motivators; The “Give Glow”:

It is in our human nature to help, share, and support our ‘tribes’. Our platform makes simple acts of kindness and generosity fun, tapping into the natural human desire to make a difference. Daily use of give river leads to a happier, healthier, and more motivated workforce.

Bring your Core Values to Life with team tags and insights:

Team tags are part of each post, showing how your culture is created moment by moment, and day by day. share success stories and celebrate achievements, reinforcing company values and strengthening team bonds.

Benefits Summary: Cultivate a Thriving Workplace Culture

  • Champion employee well-being and satisfaction to boost retention, engagement, curiosity, and connection. Meet psychological needs for belonging, autonomy, impact, and connectedness.

  • Secure and Maintain Top Talent with a workplace culture that resonates with their values and aspirations.

  • Safeguard against burnout by maintaining a healthy work-life equilibrium.

  • Enhance communication, recognition, and professional development.

  • Facilitate learning and connection among team members

  • Streamline communication and supportive guidance to ensure collective success.

  • Effortlessly manage a culture of kindness with just a few clicks.

  • Build long-term employee engagement and loyalty with a gamified approach to continuous learning and growth.

Research-backed, customer proven approach to Improve team dynamics, Engagement

  • Our platform is a research-backed, gamified solution designed to revolutionize team dynamics by enhancing engagement, satisfaction, and morale.

  • Introducing a research-backed gamified team building platform that elevates your team’s engagement, satisfaction, performance, and morale that forges stronger bonds and makes a meaningful impact on causes that count.

Support Health and Wellness: in a Positivity-Powered Platform

A easy to use communication platform where employees express appreciation, acknowledge each other’s contributions, and inspire acts of kindness.

  • Engage and retain employees through gamified learning and growth initiatives backed by research, catering to the fundamental psychological needs for autonomy, impact, and the universal love for games, a daily practice of kindness and generosity leads to profound happiness, enhancing performance, engagement, and collaboration.

Generate the Drive to Win in the Game of Good Deeds

Engage in a gamified community hub with a seasonal game that provides fresh engagement, and creates a ripple effect of connection and positivity.Triumph by earning and sharing ‘drops’—tokens of kindness to yourself, your team, and the broader community.

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