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Grow Winning Teams in the Game of Good Deeds

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Making Impact In 120+ Organizations

Build winning workplace culture and support causes that count

Give River is an employee recognition and rewards platform that creates authentic and meaningful connections in your team while simultaneously creating impact for charitable causes that count.

Elevate your team's engagement and performance

Retain and grow your talent

Create a World Class Culture

Expand your brand with team-driven CSR 

Why is it so hard to grow a high-performing team?

Recruiting, retaining and growing a great team isn’t easy. With a distributed workforce, it’s even more challenging.


Not Feeling Culture Fit

Nearly half want to move on to  find alignment with personal values and great culture.


Don't Feel Appreciated

Teams members leave feeling a lack of recognition and appreciation as a major factor in leaving a team, meanwhile they are mentally 'checked-out'.


Are Disengaged

Astonishingly, as many as 68% of team members are disengaged.*

An engaging, gamified platform  to help your team become their best.

What Matters Most? You Choose

​Team members earn drops by recognizing each other, celebrating wins, sharing positivity, and fostering a culture of kindness, collaboration, and generosity.  Drops lift your team's leaderboard and earn donations towards your team's charities.


You build a happier, healthier team that is more engaged, productive, and excited to be your best advocates.

How Give River Works

An engaging, gamified communication hub that builds positive, uplifting, and collaborative team culture where people are valued, seen, and supported.


Teams that foster positivity and collaborative culture grow.  We combine  neuroscience and gamification into a unique experience that cultivates happy, healthy, winning teams.​

Add Your Drop

Team members earn drops by recognizing each other, celebrating wins, sharing positivity, and fostering a culture of kindness,  collaboration, and generosity.  Drops lift your team's leaderboard and earn donations towards your team's charities.

You build a happier, healthier team that is more engaged, productive, and excited to be your best advocates.

Celebrate Wins

In the game of good deeds - everyone wins.


Team members grow more engaged and connected in a highly customizable, gamified growth platform where they experience the ​give glow.


You can help your team feel better, support their wellness, and make an impact in the community for charitable causes that count.



Retain top talent and reduce turnover costs

Up to 50% lower turnover in teams with strong culture

Watching your team members walk out the door is like throwing money out the window. Replacing even one costs significant time and money, and damage cascades as productivity dips and morale plummets. Don't watch your best people become a statistic – let Give River build a thriving culture where positive engagement and recognition encourages team members to stay and shine.

Loyal team member appreciating feedback



Awesome culture drives innovative, inclusive productive, and teams.

Foster collaboration and recognition to create top team culture

A UC Berkeley study found that team members who receive unexpected help are more likely to go the extra mile, creating a ripple effect of positivity and productivity.


Open communication and collaboration lead to psychologically safe environments, where vulnerability and mistakes are accepted, and creativity and innovation prosper.



35% spike in productivity when people feel valued, supported, and engaged

Turn great culture into peak performance

Happy teams are productivity powerhouses that innovate and excel with a smile. Reduced stress leads to increased health, and infectious positivity keeps customers and constituents happy, too. It's a win-win-win. Ditch the traditional grind and create a culture of joy – your bottom line (and everyone's well-being) will thank you.


3.. 2.. 1.. Game On

The team engagement platform that gamifies giving, built for simplicity, fun, and impact. Run a single 'season' for a joyful jolt, or let it flow for long term growth and results.  We've replaced long-term contracts with long-term impacts.  

Choose your Cause

On Give River, you choose what matters most. Begin by choosing causes and charities that that count.

Add Your Drop

Share💧drops to recognize teammates, share positivity, celebrate wins, and foster a culture of kindness.