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Grow Winning Teams
in the Game of Good Deeds

Build a winning workplace culture and support causes that count

Give River is a transformational software and service that creates authentic and meaningful connections for teams while creating impact for charitable causes that count.

Elevate your team's happiness and performance

Retain and grow your talented team

Create a World Class Culture

Make impact for communities and causes that count

Why is it so hard to grow a high-performing team?

Recruiting, retaining and growing a great team isn’t easy. With a distributed workforce, it’s even more challenging.



Teams members leave feeling a lack of recognition and appreciation as a major factor in leaving a team, meanwhile they are mentally 'checked-out'.



Astonishingly, as many as 87% of team members are disengaged.*



Nearly half are looking to leave their team to find alignment with personal values and great culture.

We solve these challenges by growing a culture of gratitude and recognition.

We've coupled extensive research, team culture expertise, and tech to create an engaging, gamified communication hub that builds  positive, uplifting, and collaborative team culture  where people are valued, seen, and supported. 

How Give River Works

Research is remarkably clear on this point: kindness counts.  


Teams that foster positivity and collaborative culture grow, and the best teams don't just work together, they give together and play together. 


We smashed neuroscience and gamification together into a unique experience  that cultivates happy, healthy, winning teams that perform and make meaningful impacts in their communities.

The magic happens in less than 5 minutes a day, effortlessly incorporated into your team's typical workflow.

What Matters Most? You Choose

A powerful key to motivation is your choice, what matters to you?  Choose causes and charities you care about from a robust charity hub.  Then, simple, small acts of kindness and generosity earn rewards for these charities, sponsored by the team captain (that's you).


Our River Guides help you create a "season", a series of content and challenges organized into weeks or months, designed to keep engagement and enthusiasm growing, and culminating in celebration and individual rewards.

Add Your Drop

Team members earn drops by recognizing each other, celebrating wins, sharing positivity, and fostering a culture of kindness,  collaboration, and generosity. 

Drops lift your team's leaderboard and earn donations towards your teams charities.

You will experience a happier, healthier team that is more engaged, productive, and excited to be your best advocates.

Celebrate Wins

In the game of good deeds - everyone wins: 


  • Team members feel the good vibes in an uplifting, encouraging space where they generate charitable donations to their favorite causes. 

  • Your team becomes more engaged, connected, and aligned with powerful, proven growth dynamics. 

  • Your robust 'Insights Dash' gives you the power to spot growth opportunities and keep everyone moving in the right direction.

  • You make an impact in the community for charitable causes that count.

We Deliver...


Up to 50% lower turnover in teams with strong culture

Watching your team members walk out the door is like throwing money out the window. Replacing even one costs significant time and money, and damage cascades as productivity dips and morale plummets. Don't watch your best people become a statistic – let Give River build a thriving culture where positive engagement and recognition encourages team members to stay and shine.

Reduce Turnover Costs


35% spike in productivity when people feel valued, supported, and engaged

Happy teams are productivity powerhouses that innovate and excel with a smile. Reduced stress leads to increased health, and infectious positivity keeps customers and constituents happy, too. It's a win-win-win. Ditch the traditional grind and create a culture of joy – your bottom line (and everyone's well-being) will thank you.

Turn engagement into performance


Kindness and generosity create innovative, productive, and inclusive teams.

A UC Berkeley study found that team members who receive unexpected help are more likely to go the extra mile, creating a ripple effect of positivity and productivity. 


Open communication and collaboration lead to psychologically safe environments, where vulnerability and mistakes are accepted, and creativity and innovation prosper.

Foster a climate of collaboration to create transcendent team culture 

3.. 2.. 1.. Game on

The team engagement platform that gamifies giving, built for simplicity, fun, and impact. Run a single 'season' for a joyful jolt, or let it flow for long term growth and results.  We've replaced long-term contracts with long-term impacts.  

1. Choose your Cause

Easy access from web or mobile app.  Begin by choosing any cause and charity that matters to you.

2. Choose your Club

Find your teammates and join your personalized club hub.

3. Add Your Drop

Share 💧drops to recognize teammates, celebrate wins, and foster a culture of kindness.

Add your 💧drop to say...​​

Job well done 👍 Thanks 👏 Help Wanted  🤲 Celebrate 🎉 Something Funny, Something Fun 😄🎉 Add your Drops 💦 to Share and Grow 🌱 and Create team moments that matter for causes that count.

If you care about...

your team
your customers
and your community

Give River is for you

Core Features

Available on all Give River Plans

Transformative Team Hub

A space for teams to celebrate, collaborate, thank, encourage, celebrate wins and send praise.

The Game of Good Deeds

Each day add your drop to acknowledge teammates, celebrate wins, share positivity, and build towards team goals.

Drops Earn Dollars

Create a custom donation 'pot' to reward your team's engagement. 

River Rankings: Leaderboards and Team Achievements

Individual leaderboards have some value, but top team cultures are built by focusing on team wins.

Pulse Points: Surveys & Feedback Tools

Adapt and customize survey templates to gather and evaluate what's working and where to improve.  

Teams Tags & Custom Rewards

Experience your core values come alive and create unique rewards to inspire your members.

But wait!... there's more!

Features to Grow On

Advanced features and insights help you go from good to great. Available in Growth and Enterprise Plans.

Universal Playing Field

Access anywhere: web, iOS or Android, directly in Slack or MS Teams.

Pick and Play for Causes that Count

Explore a robust charity hub to find aligned charities that benefit from your good deeds. 

Current Flow™: Team Insights & Analytics

Analyze and optimize your team's ebb and flow and maximize for long-term growth.

Community Connection

Increase brand visibility and maximize your charitable impact by engaging customers and communities in the global game of good deeds.

River Runs: Positive, Team-Culture Focused Content

Team culture experts provide custom content and courses direct to your team.

Simplified, Centralized Charitable Giving

Sponsor your team to earn for causes that count. We handle your charitable distribution with a couple clicks.  

One Transformative Platform:
Access Anywhere

Web, iOS, Android, Slack, or Microsoft Teams: Access Give River anytime, anywhere.

Give River is your team's superpower

A simple yet powerful team-building, recognition and rewards platform that strengthens your brand, maximizes your charitable impact, and supports engaged, healthy teams.

& Teams

Clubs & Communities

& Families

We serve...

Blue Skies

A person who feels genuinely appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

Amy Rees A.

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.

Charles D.

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

Winston C.

In The Game Of Good Deeds Everyone Wins

We provide uplifting spaces for teams to celebrate wins, share praise,  collaborate and encourage, and to transform their communities and change the world. ​

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