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Rewards & Incentives

Rewards are most effective when you have the freedom to choose. Your team can transform earned drops into a variety of incentives, including digital gift cards, company swag, custom rewards, and donations. You can customize the offerings, and your employees will appreciate the flexibility and dynamic, engaging ways that you acknowledge effort.

Motivate your team and celebrate success with a turnkey system that provides individualized, meaningful rewards.

Why it matters

Create a Fulfilled, Loyal Team

Employees today crave more than just a paycheck. They seek recognition, rewards and experiences that feel genuine and personal. With meaningful rewards and custom incentives, you harness the true essence of appreciation, creating longer lasting satisfaction and motivation.

Boost Productivity

Encourage outstanding productivity by rewarding behaviors that enhance performance. When employees see the benefits, they’ll strive to emulate those qualities, creating a positive cycle of productivity.

Drive Participation

Incentivize participation in critical activities such as compliance training, safety protocols, wellness challenges, surveys, and referrals. Watch as engagement increases across the board.

How it works

Streamline Rewards Management

Save hours each month by centralizing and automating rewards (e.g. employee-of-the-month programs, sales incentives).

Gift Cards

Let your team members choose from hundreds of different gift cards. View and approve requests from your dashboard to distribute automatically.

Custom Rewards

Create both individual and team rewards to suit the unique dynamics of your team. Whether it's celebrating a project completion or acknowledging exceptional teamwork, our platform allows you to set rewards that reflect the effort and dedication put in.


Allows employees to choose from personalized, branded swag on-demand to boost morale and create a sense of belonging. Items are produced only when needed and sent directly to employees upon your approval.

Transformative Charitable Rewards

Charitable rewards are impact-driven donations that reward your team the gift of transformation. Empower your team members with the opportunity to create change, while simultaneously bolstering your brand as an agent of change.

Transformative Impact Starts Today

Transform the way you recognize and celebrate your team to foster a stronger, happier, and more productive work environment.

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