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The Game of Good Deeds

Our signature team building experience is a positivity-fueled journey into generosity that empowers your team and creates collective social impact for causes that count. Similar to a “Virtual 5K Charity Run”, the objective is to encourage engagement and participation to drive dollars towards charities.  Build a winning workplace and champion the causes that matter most in the unique and memorable Game of Good Deeds.

An engaging Team-Building Game which Strengthens Connections and Amplifies Community Impact

  • Create a happy, healthy, high performing team that people love in our research-backed team building platform

  • Support employee wellness and unity and bridge gaps across distance with an easy-to-use communication hub, community engagement features, and recognition rewards,

  • Develop a cohesive and vibrant team culture thats contributes to a better world.

What it is

Team Building Experience

The Game of Good Deeds is team-wide, multi-week experience where your team engages in fun, charitably-focused team-building activities.

Purpose Driven

Various activities and “good deed” challenges tap into the natural human desire to make a difference - to truly matter.

Share Good Deeds

The objective is to share simple acts of kindness and generosity, which are acknowledged and rewarded with ‘drops’.

Drops Earn Dollars

Team members’ earn a share of the “river bank”, a pot of money that you have set aside for donation to charitable causes.

Build Awesome Culture

Through the game, we help you build a positive team culture driven by kindness and focused on achieving collective goals.

Why it matters

Create Champions

Gamify the intrinsically powerful concept of altruism and generosity to elevate your team's spirit, fulfillment, and health.

Chain Reaction

Our game triggers dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, the neurochemical trio known as the 'Happiness Trifecta', to enhance motivation and pleasure, regulate mood and social behavior, foster bonding and trust, and reduce stress.

Celebrate Team Achievement

River Rankings balance competition with collaboration, resulting in major wins for your team: people feeling valued, motivated, and fulfilled.

Demonstrate Leadership

Reflect your brand values and foster a world where your business is a catalyst for positive change. You are the hero your team needs, supporting both your employees and making real world impact.

The Bottom Line

Your team wants to make an impact, for causes they care about. Give them the Game of Good Deeds to create loyal, dedicated, and fulfilled humans that perform at their peak.

By incorporating altruism into your business practices, you're not just contributing to societal good—you're also nurturing a workplace environment rich in wellbeing and positive brain chemistry.

How it works

  • The game is divided into customizable ‘seasons’. You can customize the length, (e.g. 3 weeks to 3 months), add a micro-game (e.g. 30 Drop Challenge, Kindness Caper) and more to provide a fresh experience.

  • You are the season sponsor and fund the ‘River Bank’: money that gets donated to verified 501c3 charities at the end of the season. We handle charitable distribution, reporting, and record-keeping for you. As your team members engage on the platform - they earn ‘drops’, which become a share of the River Bank.

  • Your team members are the players, and each will choose a charity that they are “running” for. Our integrated charity hub makes it fun and meaningful for players to browse a list of verified charities, and choose those that matter most. Or, you have the option to narrow the list eligible charities, for example, by those you already support.

  • The game is based in the simple idea of "Adding a Drop" to earn a share of the River Bank. Every day, earn drops by:

    • Sharing gratitude, acknowledgment, or recognition.

    • Sharing an uplifting, positive post to the team

    • Taking a short ‘river run’ mini-course for personal or professional development

  • Drops earned in the game of good deeds are transformed into charitable contributions to reward the causes you choose. Your generosity helps your team, the people you care about, and your community

  • Complete your season with celebration, reflection and a detailed Impact Dashboard. Share your charitable impact internally and with your customers and communities, and

  • Feedback and findings are incorporated into preparation for the next season, ensuring growth and a seamless and continual experience.

Drops Earn Dollars

Reward the charities your team chooses💝

Give River is the 'game of good deeds', divided into seasons. You create a 'pot' of money that gets donated to charities at the end of the season.  As your team engages in our gamified platform, they earn a share of the pot, and since every person on your team is unique, they choose the charities that matter to them, and where those funds go.   Choose from any 501c3 registered charity and change anytime.

Experience The “Give Glow” in the Game of Good Deeds

It is in our human nature is to help, share, and support each other. Our platform is based in this fundamental need, integrating a daily practice of kindness and generosity to drive lasting happiness, in so doing, enhancing performance, engagement, and collaboration.

Simpify and Magnify Your Social Impact Today

Make an impact in your community and build bonds between your team for happier, healthier people with the thirst to win.

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