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Acknowledge and appreciate efforts and achievements in real-time

Leverage a best-in-class robust communication platform to build a sustainable, human-centric workplace that thrives on positivity and mutual respect to drive engagement, productivity, and an experience your team will love.

Why It Matters


When employees receive recognition 6 times a year, their performance jumps 32%, a massive, measurable impact on your growth.


Motivated employees are 17% more productive and up to 87% less likely to leave their jobs.


Organizations with high employee engagement have 21% higher productivity, 22% higher profitability and 37% lower absenteeism.


83% of U.S. workers say that finding meaning and purpose in their work is among their top three priorities

How It Works

Enjoy a user friendly, full-featured communication hub

Easy, accessible space for teams to celebrate, collaborate, share and support, thank, encourage, and inform; Celebrate wins and Send praise

Appreciate and recognize in real-time

Celebrate wins as they happen! Make achievements highly visible, allowing everyone to contribute drops, comment, and join in the excitement. Real-time recognition fosters awareness throughout your company. 🎉👏

Add your 💧drop...

Team members get a customizable amount of drops available to share each week. Give drops to say...

Job well done 👍 
Thanks 👏
Help Wanted  🤲
Celebrate Fun & Funny  😄🎉
Add your Drops 💦 to share team moments that matter

Grow your River

Given and received drops, earned stickers and badges, milestones and more, add up and expand your “river”, a visual timeline of your journey into generosity.

Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful force, one which we harness to help your team win. Our generosity journal encourages employees to reflect on positive moments, big or small, with an easy-to-use, engaging post creation tool. It’s a place to jot down acts of kindness, express appreciation, and celebrate achievements while fostering a mindset of abundance and kindness.

Activities and Icebreakers

Workplace connections play a crucial role in an employee well-being, engagement, and productivity. Our platform makes it easy with built-in icebreakers, activities, and chat. 

Bridge Cultural and Generational Divides

Our platform enshrines the universal values of gratitude, generosity, and collaboration to align disparate personalities, cultures, and ages. This helps you manage diverse perspectives, nurture individual growth and focus on goals with a sense of shared purpose.

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