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Create happy, healthy, high-performing teams in a Gamified Growth Platform

A positivity-powered employee experience that builds happy, healthy, high-performing teams people love.

Improve team dynamics and employee fulfillment

Our platform elevates engagement, satisfaction, performance, and morale to forge stronger bonds and unlock your team's peak performance.

Support Health and Wellness

We create an uplifting space where your team can express appreciation, acknowledge contributions, and inspire acts of kindness.  It's not just about the 'good vibes', creating a positive workplace culture addresses fundamental psychological needs for autonomy, impact, and belonging -  leading to enhanced performance, engagement, and collaboration.

Why it matters

Top performing teams are comprised of people who are able and willing to give their very best. Give River supports winning teams with a robust platform and service that address the most influential factors in employee wellbeing.

The Bottom Line: Employee wellbeing drives peak performance
Relationships with Peers

Positive relationships among employees are crucial for work productivity and well-being. They contribute to a healthy work environment and help manage stress.

Relationship with supervisor

81% of employees work harder when their boss shows appreciation, which impacts employees’ sense of purpose and your organization’s bottom line.

Recognition and Appreciation

Recognizing and appreciating employees’ efforts improves morale, motivation, and job performance. It fosters engagement and retention, benefiting both individuals and organizations.

Mental and Emotional Support

Prioritizing mental health in the workplace is essential. Providing support through mental health coverage, training, and flexible work options leads to healthier, more engaged employees.

Sense of Purpose

When employees find meaning in their work, they become more committed, innovative, and productive. Purpose-driven work enhances overall job satisfaction and quality outcomes.

Experience a robust Recognition and Relationships platform

Leverage a best-in-class robust communication platform to build a sustainable, human-centric workplace that thrives on positivity and mutual respect to drive engagement, productivity, and an experience your team will love.

Ensure every team member, wherever they work, feels valued and connected
Fast and easy communication hub
Express appreciation and recognize efforts
Celebrate success and share inspired acts of kindness
Enhance social connections



Automate Milestones and Anniversaries

When building a winning workplace culture - service awards and anniversaries matter. Effortlessly capture and celebrate your team’s milestones and meaningful moments that mark your team member’s journey with your company.

Never miss the small but meaningful moments
Create a familiar and friendly feel that encourages loyalty
Easily acknowledge and celebrate team members



Team building platform on Web, Mobile, and Slack

Give River equips organizations with a suite of sophisticated tools and insights to nurture a thriving work culture, bolster team development, and increase engagement, performance and retention.

Cultivate a Thriving Company Culture

Build fulfilled, high-performing teams with a culture of camaraderie, kindness, and recognition. In turn, you experience elevated engagement, satisfaction, performance, and morale

In the Game of Good Deeds: You Win

Prioritize Well-Being

Boost performance, retention, and meaningful connections.

Communicate and Recognize

Enhance peer and supervisor relationships and recognize efforts and impacts.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Cultivate an environment where top performers are valued, engaged, and challenged.

Create a Culture of Kindness

Create a meaningful, much-needed impact on team dynamics in mere minutes each day.

Combat Burnout

Maintain sustainable work-life balance by supporting mental wellbeing.

Personal and Professional Development

Keep ahead of the curve with gamified learning and professional growth.

Engage distributed, diverse teams with Meaningful Rewards

Motivate your team and celebrate success with a turnkey system that provides individualized, meaningful rewards.

Motivate and celebrate with individualized, meaningful rewards
Simple administration in a flexible system
Thousands of gift cards, swag, and custom rewards
Choose purpose-driven, deeply meaningful rewards from an Integrated charity hub



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