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for friends

A place for friends to give and gather for causes that matter.
Spark a generosity revolution and grow what matters to you.
Change your world 
for the better.



a positive mindset



what matters to you



your world for the better

you matter, and you can do it

A powerful secret to enduring inner peace and wellness comes through unlocking your inner give language.   Your attention, kind words, your time - each these are gifts that grow your brain, create happiness, and impact people and causes you care about.  

a rewarding habit of generosity
through a game of good deeds

A simple, fun, daily generosity journal and inspirational, educational "river runs" to encourage, entertain, and bring you joy - while also making an impact for the people and causes you care about. 


you give...

There's a lot of 'self-help' resources out there, but self-affirmation alone doesn't bring enduring happiness.  The secret to fulfilling joy comes from learning your preferred give language and daily practice.


you grow...

Research is now crystal clear: Your brain is purpose built to give. Generosity and kindness stimulates your prefrontal cortex and spills joyful juices all over the place.

you matter

Your effort on give river contributes dollars to causes you care about through generous sponsors and a novel game of good deeds.

let's play

Play the game of good deeds to feel good and make good happen.

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