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Unique, engaging features
and insights to grow on.

Transformative Team Hub

The Game of Good Deeds

Universal Playing Field

Pick and Play for Causes that Count

Drops Earn Dollars

River Rankings: Leaderboards and Team Achievements

Current Flow™: Team Insights & Analytics

Pulse Points: Surveys & Feedback Tools

Community Connection

River Runs: Positive, Team-Culture Focused Content

Simplified, Centralized Charitable Giving

Generosity Journal

Robust team hub

Teams go beyond sharing recognition and praise, your robust hub allows members to coordinate charitable initiatives, share resources, schedule and collaborate on projects.

the game of
good deeds

Give River is a robust, yet simple, communication hub for teams, coupled with an engaging game of good deeds, and supported by talented facilitators who ensure your success. 


A fun, unique experience that can be shared by your entire team. Celebrate wins and send praise, support, and gratitude. Build a culture of encouragement as you aim for the goal.


Through a virtual or in-person activities and gamified experiences,  build stronger team synergy, and make a difference in communities you serve.

One Transformative Platform:
Access Anywhere

Web, iOS, Android, Slack, or Microsoft Teams: Access Give River anytime, anywhere.

Causes Spread_edited.png

Pick and Play
for Causes that Count

Search for any registered charitable organization and join a robust multimedia group hub. 
See what's new, create events, share content and connect with other people aligned with your favorite causes. 

Love it? Make it your primary charity. Now, your good deeds earn donations to support them.  Build a habit of good deeds to earn drops and lift your charity up the leaderboards to earn more.  





Add your drop 💧 to say...​​

Job well done 👍Thanks  👏Help Wanted  🤲

Celebrate 🎉 Something Funny, Something Fun 😄🎉 Add your Drops 💦 to Share and Grow.

Celebrate team moments that matter most

Tags put your team's core values front and center. Get insights into what matters most to your team and support their journey to become happier, healthier, more connected, engaged, and succesful.

Drops Earn Dollars:
Reward the charities your team chooses💝

Give River is the 'game of good deeds', divided into seasons. You create a 'pot' of money that gets donated to charities at the end of the season.  As your team engages in our gamified platform, they earn a share of the pot, and since every person on your team is unique, they choose the charities that matter to them, and where those funds go.   Choose from any 501c3 registered charity and change anytime.

River Rankings:
Supercharge engagement with gamification

This week's Top Causes

Uplifting and engaging team challenges and new and novel experiences delivered daily, designed to help your team enjoy a journey into generosity, while directing charitable dollars to causes they choose.

Insights Dash

Your team dashboard shows deep insights into your team's vibe. 

Collaborate with our team culture experts to ensure everyone is moving together with purpose.

river rankings

See the top giving and receiving team members for the week, meonth, or season.

ripple effect

A visualization of how your team is connected, and which members might need more support.

current flow

An assessment of your team's current engagement, relative to prior periods.


You can choose from a variety of team growth experiecnes and content.

Team Pulse

Take your team temperature with dozens of fully customizable surveys and polls, guided team growth courses, and detailed admin metrics to gain insights.

Community Connections 

Connect your team to community service organizations to amplify your team's efforts, increase visibility, attract audiences to your cause, and maximize impact.

Blue Abstract.jpg

positivity powered river runs and drop ops


We search and share what’s working in our world. Enjoy a guided adventure to encourage, challenge and inspire you.

Give River provides inspirational and educational content that, fueled with your vision, drives legendary team dynamics.

We work with creators and team culture experts to add topics and content throughout the year to keep give river interesting and relevant, and ensure all team members have opportunities to shine.

Introducing the River Run...

A drop a day to change your world for the better

Every day, a new challenge to build a habit of generosity and kindness and grow what matters.

River Runs are a series of daily short videos, pictures, or messages to encourage, enrich, and inspire on topics related to generosity, kindness, empathy, patience, and charities or causes that count. 

The Power of Thank You Notes

Kindness Counts...Here's Why

I learned it the hard way...


A personal Hero, and why...

What’s YOUR Give Language?

A Cause that Counts

Give honesty

WOW: What's "Working in Our World"

Positive Emotional Outlook

Recovering from arguments

Empathy: For the Fishes?

Dealing with bullies

A heated, respectful conflict

Mental Health through Generosity



Crucial Conversations

Charitable Impact made simple

Strengthen your brand

Simplify philanthropic impact

Support mental wellness

Contact Us

CSR snapshot and brand alignment

Reporting & Data-Driven Insights to assess your impact, optimize for brand alignment, and glean insights with detailed impact reports and powerful metrics.

Grow what matters to you with a team-focused generosity revolution.  

Simplify and democratize charitable donations 

Simple and robust tools to manage, allocate and track charitable contributions, providing a streamlined and transparent approach to charitable giving.

Setup in 5 minutes

Our platform is simple, fun, flexible, and quick to setup.


Choose the season length (from a week up to a few months) - and the reward (a fixed or flexible amount that you will donate to charities at the end of the season). 


Add an optional ‘river run’ (motivational and inspirational content to keep engagement and enthusiasm growing).

Finally, invite team members using an onboarding kit personalized for you.

Add Your Drop

Each week, team members get 25 drops to share.

Share 💧drops to recognize team members, celebrate 🙌🏼 wins , and foster a culture of kindness, 🤝collaboration, and generosity. 

See and share 🌟good deeds to earn drops in dynamic, gamified experiences.

Drops lift your team's 📊leaderboard and earn 💰donations towards the🎗️charities members choose.

Celebrate Wins

In the game of good deeds - 🌍 everyone wins. Team members feel the 🌟 good vibes in an uplifting, 👍🏽encouraging space where they generate charitable donations to their favorite causes

Your team becomes more 🙌🏼engaged, 🤝connected, and aligned with powerful, proven growth dynamics.  Your robust 'Insights Dash' gives you the power to spot 📈growth opportunities and keep everyone 🚀moving in the right direction.

Team Building Activities 

Encourage team cohesion by participating in good deed challenges and drop dares.

Create and manage virtual or in-person events. Create your custom media hub and feature it in our innovative and engaging gamified community.

Track your teams collective impact.

Volunteer management and reporting

Enhance efficiency and foster a strong sense of community while members find, create, and organize volunteer efforts.

we build winning teams

through the game of good deeds
to reward causes that count.

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